Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The flab stops here!

Ok... enough of celebrations and reflections of a lovely year. The discipline starts NOW. The scale spoke to me in a language this morning that sounded somewhat like Linda Blair many years ago, and left me feeling like I wanted to vomit and spin my head 360 degrees as well.

Daily Mile will help me be accountable for my running journey this year. Weight Watchers journaling and Weight Watcher friends will helps support my food choices this year. Registered races will help motivate me to keep going.

I can do this!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflecting on 2011

What an incredible year! Alot happened and alot stayed the same, which is sometimes a blessing in itself!

Running: I managed to set and achieve some goals , which will hopefully set the precedent for 2012. I ran my first 10km race in May, which felt truly outstanding. Until I ran my first half marathon in October. With the exception of my children, Never did I feel such achievement and pride in myself. I crossed the finish line with a whole different mindset... 2012 I will run a marathon.

Weight Loss/ Lifestyle: Maintained my weight...again, a huge accomplishment for a gal who can gain a pound just looking at a bagel. Healthy eating and positive reinforcement of friends, family and colleagues all strengthened this and made it possible. I wouldnt be anything without these people.

Personal Life: fell head over heels , crazy in love this summer. A moment in time that was never experienced in my life , and perhaps may never again. So much tragedy behind it all, made it impossible to continue and will pull at my heartstrings forever. I will always love this person and we will always maintain our relationship at a level that works for us.

My Children: I am blessed to have happy, healthy, well adjusted children with two parents that love them unconditionally. We still cry and laugh and beam with pride at their achievements and their unconditional love for us..

Family/Friends: I am also blessed to have my family...my parents, my brothers, my extended family....wonderful relationships are fostered and make for an invaluable support system. My friends... I would be nobody without them. Every day....day or night, there is always someone I can turn to.

I am the luckiest girl in the World. I can only pray that 2012 will bring me health, happiness, and all the joys that were given to me in 2011.

Happy New Years!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Registration is the easy part.

So... I did it. I signed up for my first full marathon. The Scotiabank Waterfront on October 14th 2012. Yes, I have almost a year to mull it over. Yes, Im stressed about it. Yes, I will do it. The registration was the easy part. I will think about the training in the New Year. I did sign up for the gym though.....and I did treat myself to a new Garmin 305 though. Im fully equipped.

Just have to do it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hallowe'en Candy. The Battle Begins.

November 3rd. The battle is underway. Every year those little mites engrain their rotten little mini-package-faces in my brain...deep down in a pillow case in some childs room....calling my name.....little Butterfingers, Baby Ruths, smarties, m&ms, PB cups....I cant stand it! I got through November 1st without so much as one chocolate. Ok, the kids DID take their loot to their Dad's house so I was safe.
Last night, Nov 2nd, was a junk-food-fest. Wrappers were flying....chip crumbs were rolling down my face....Im disgusted in myself.

Today is a new day. Ok Ive had a bag of chips already. So kill me now.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Intelligent or Asinine Request?

So, Im getting ready for the work week ahead. Its a Sunday night, kids are having baths, hair washed, getting the back packs all organized.

Emma approaches me with an offer.

"Mommy, before you say 'no'......" ok, this has to be bad already... "before you say 'no', what do you think of this idea. You know how I have trouble getting up in the mornings for school? Well if I wake up STRAIGHT AWAY...jump right out of bed...will you pay me 50 cents a day?"

Huh. I mulled this over. DO I take her up on this and life gets very very easy in the mornings?
I ponder on how my daughter may be a potential millionaire in the future, as she pulls in all the suckers who fall for her hairy brainstorms....

"There is no way you are getting a red cent off this lady, little girl! Now get to bed so you CAN wake up like a normal person....on time, and HAPPY to boot!!"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sarah Morrison and Half-Marathon in the same sentence?

Half Marathon.
Life Changing Moment?
I think so.
Its moments like these that make me realize that there is no end in sight to my bucket list.

The journey to get there was good. It was also bad. Painful knees. A physiotherapist who tells me I won't be able to do it. A dear friend cancels as my running partner two weeks before the event. Can it get any more miserable? Actually it can only get better. Good friends encourage me to do it alone...."you can do it!" they say! Can I? Maybe. Maybe not. I fear failure.

October 15th - the day before the Half Marathon. I attend the Race Expo at the Direct Energy Centre - intentions are to A) Pick up my race kit B) Listen to John Stanton speak C) Hopefully get John Stanton to sign my copy of his book.
I walked away with so much more from one small, inspiring, personal discussion with the founder of the Running Room. His positive words, and the vibes at the venue made me realize that the ultimate goal of a marathon ONE DAY is truly achievable.

October 16th - I can't even begin to describe how different this race was to ANY other race I have been in. I am thankful I got there early enough to absorb EVERYTHING around me....other runners, the caliber of the elites, the music, the atmosphere, the energy...there were points in my morning that I literally lost my breath. One moment in particular got me so emotional that I literally thought I would pass out during the run because I lost the rhythm of my breathing. I had to compose myself and continue on. I could go on forever about so many many moments within the run where I was high as a kite with elation. Even when my right knee gave me grief at about 13km, I was able to push past it and enjoy the morning. Running along the Lakeshore made me appreciate Toronto...how lucky we are to have what we do, so close to home. The last corner...north on Bay....again, I had to compose my breathing. The scene just took my breath away....the crowds, the noise, the FINISH LINE, the buildings, the music, the screaming...it was OVERWHELMING.

Pass the finish line. A medal is placed around my neck by a smiling volunteer with wonderful words of praise for a job well done. I feel like I won the WHOLE race! I did.

Onwards and upwards....Scotiabank Waterfront is my venue for my first marathon. Home soil. Toronto. I wonder when I will come down from this high?? (2 days later and counting.....)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 11 2011

11 6 11. Will this hold any significance in my life? I will tune back into this posting down the road and see if I look at it and smile. What a life changing moment tonight.